Spring Sessions Slopestyle + Final OOTZ A La Carte Placings

| Hotham Park Crew
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Champions of the OOTZ A la Carte in the Park Series were decided after the final event was delivered in Hotham's Summit Terrain Park on Sunday; the Spring Sessions Sorbet Slopestyle.

Spectators saw some serious competition on the day with impressive tricks pulled out to claim top spot in the Slopestyle and earn points to take out the series. Winners from the Slopestyle event saw Gus Broersen, Tom Heffernan, Bailey Johnson, Allie Coates, Charlotte Cornelius and Yennie Trant jib and jump their way to success.

The final placings for the OOTZ A la Carte in the Park Series are:

Male Open Snowboard

  1. Emyr Hafren
  2. Allie Coates
  3. Nik Gray

Male Junior Snowboard

  1. Carter Mills
  2. Mo Di Natale
  3. Christian De Oliveira

Male Junior Ski

  1. Tom Heffernan
  2. Angus MacDonald
  3. Austin Hoadley

Male Open Ski

  1. Charlie Mills
  2. Harry Martin
  3. Bailey Johnson

 Male Grom Snowboard

  1. Dylan Walker
  2. Lachlan Walker
  3. Archer Rostron

 Male Grom Ski

  1. Sam Heffernan
  2. Gus Broersen
  3. Ethan Kadwell

Female Grom Snowboard

  1. Cortney Bartlett
  2. Charlotte Conelius
  3. Ava-Willow Wilson

Female Junior Snowboard

  1. Georgia Mylonas
  2. Mollie Fernandez
  3. Charlotte Batten

Female Grom Ski

  1. Kareema Wakim
  2. Amy Seedsman
  3. Sophie Guinness

Female Open Snowboard

  1. Tamysia Tan
  2. Yennie Trant
  3. Ruby Brockwell-Walsh

A big thanks goes out all event sponsors; OOTZ Tall Hoodies, Boardbox and Pinnacle.

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