Hotham's Rider X a huge event

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This weekend we held our “Rider-X” event, the third last event in the “Hotham Junior Free Ride Series” on Road Runner. This turned out to be one of our biggest events for this series with over 80 competitors entering.

While visibility was low in the morning, the afternoon cleared for finals with spectacular views of the mountain.

The Grom divisions were scored on best of 2 runs with our Junior and Open divisions battling it out in heats for a podium finish.

In the Mini Grom Division Shiane McGown took out number one in the skiing division with Jessie Bartlett taking out the snowboard division for the girls. Tristian Rowely came first in the boys ski division with Samuel Walker taking out first in the boys snowboard category.

In the Grom Division Zoe Zahar took out the female ski category with Courtney Bartlett taking out first in the girls snowboard division. Gus Borosen took out first for the boys skiing with Carter Mills taking out our boys snowboard division.

In the Junior Division Sarah Morgan was our only female competitor taking first place with Ben Horne taking first in the mens division followed by Tom Heffernan in second.

In the Open Division Sean Finney took out the snowboard category with Michael DeWitt taking second and Tony Huong taking third.

A great day was had with both our seasoned and junior riders showing us their skills on the Rider-X track making it yet another great day for the freeride series.

The next event for the freeride series will be the Hotham Junior Freeride to be held at Canyon on 5 September.