5 Reasons to Love Spring Skiing

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Fun Entertainment and Events


Hotham is ready to celebrate the end of the ski season with style. Throughout the month of September there will be events to keep every rider hyped right up until the last chairlift. From a pop-up Prosecco Bar at The Bird to a girls shred session by Chix with Stix. There will be a Hotham Deck Party or you can grab front row viewing to the Genny Rail Jam. Whatever date you choose to visit  you can be sure that this September will keep you entertained on and off the slopes.




Unbeatable Late Season Deals


As the temps heat up so do the sales and September has you covered for unbeatable deals.

Why not grab a 3-day lift ticket for the price of 2 with our All Week Magic deal.

Or if accommodation is what you’re after why not get involved with Hotham’s White Space Deal which includes discounted accommodation plus up to 50% off lift tickets, rentals and lessons!




Goggle Tans and Minimal Clothing


Dig out your sun screen and soak up that Vitamin D. Spring means goggle tan weather where you can forget about heavy jackets and thick neck warmers. Spring turns will have you soaking up the fresh air with the freedom to move in lightweight hoodies, jackets or even t-shirts!


Spring Vibes – Deck Sessions


There is nothing quite like that first sip of beer while basking in the Spring sunshine after a fun day of slush riding. With Spring comes outdoor apres’ and what’s not to love about those mountain top views from your Chalet’s balcony or Swindlrs Deck.




Hero Snow


You may be thinking: what is hero snow? Urban dictionary describes it as:

“A condition of soft slushy snowpack most common in spring skiing. The snow provides an excellent base for turning making everyone feel like "heros" while banging out turns”

Need we say more?