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Jumping The Road


An unauthorised ski jump by an unknown skier over the Great Alpine Road at Hotham early o ...

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Test out new skis & boards for free

20/07/2015 | Hotham Team

Be one of the very first to try some of the world's best skis and snowboards on snow in th ...

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NEW: Australia Drift NOW OPEN!

20/07/2015 | Hotham Team

This week has been great for snowfall and cold temperatures keeping the snow condition dry ...

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Women: reach your peak this weekend

16/07/2015 | Hotham Team

Female skiers and snowboarders are invited to reach their peak and join other like-minded ...

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Bread & Butters Rail Jam results

6/07/2015 | Hotham Team

The Hotham Junior Freeride Series kicked off on Saturday with the annual Bread + Butters R ...

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