Massage Therapy

Full body relaxation

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Massage Therapy

Onsen Signature Massage

Combining the best of all massage methods; Swedish, aromatherapy, relaxation, breathing techniques and passive stretching, your therapist works to optimise the various systems of your body with this exclusive signature massage to restore balance and harmony. Our customised signature aromatic oil blends will enhance your massage; your therapist will help you personally co-create the ideal essence for you.

60mins $155

90mins $225

Moroccan Remedy

A holistic ancient remedy massage using key essential Moroccan oil blends and elixirs with prized Argan, all designed to relax muscles, increase the circulation, rejuvenate the skin, and relieve muscular aches and pain. Exhale and relax as your therapist administers a true de-stress anti-aging and nourishing massage body and scalp treatment.

60mins $165

Aroma Stone Massage

Hot Basalt stones with powerful blends of essential oils combined with massage movements to totally de-stress your entire being - mind, body and spirit. Alternating between hands and hot stones this unique massage is beneficial to soothe and encourage the body to detox and heal.

90mins $235


Add extra healing elemental powers that nature has to offer to your massage with our earth inspired massage curatives. A complete body massage is performed with the added application of a deep holistic health back treatment, earth inspired mud and botanical clay with powerful benefits, vitamins & minerals. All these organic extras will provide further wellbeing and soothing benefits to your massage treatment.

60mins $165

Muscle Zone Focus

A customised full body massage with a “Zoned” specific dedicated time which is concentrated on back, shoulders, neck and head to soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and stimulate the nerves and circulation using blended oils specific to aches, pains, and anti-inflammatory. A great way to revive the whole body.

60mins $165


Our specialised massage bed allows mum-to-be to be in complete comfort to enjoy all the benefits of their body massage (suitable after first trimester). The treatment commences with a warm foot soak to alleviate heaviness and fatigue followed by a body massage involving relief bodywork. This is designed to improve your circulation, take some of the strain off your muscles and joints and generally re-energise your body.

45mins $145

60mins $155

Remedial Therapy Massage

A massage concentrating on specific problem areas to stimulate circulation and ease aches and pains. Your remedial massage therapist will assess where you need treatment and advise on what may be causing your pain and tailor a treatment plan to suit. The treatment itself may involve deep work for short periods of time, but the results are definitely worth it!

60mins $175